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Maximum protection for those who protect us

Our tailored solutions give you peace of mind that your military or police facilities have maximum protection.

In police and military buildings, particularly in less stable regions of the world, threats to life are part of everyday work. It is the duty of police officers "to wholeheartedly protect public safety and order." (Section 214 of the German Law of Public Servants (Landesbeamtengesetz)), while soldiers have a duty to put themselves in increased danger in the field, stay on guard in times of peace and save people from dangerous situations (Section 7 of the German Military Act (Soldatengesetz)).


Military facilities and police buildings use a variety of security measures to protect their sensitive areas. One of the key components is access control, whereby entry ports are used with double-door entry systems.

Another aspect is protection against potential threats such as unauthorised intruders, terrorist attacks or acts of sabotage. Security drop arm barriers are used here, which create a physical barrier and keep vehicles away from at-risk areas.

These security measures not only protect buildings, they also keep employees safe. Implementation thereof minimises the risk of attacks and acts of violence against staff. This creates a safer working environment and increases employees' trust in their own safety.

These security measures also play a key role in the protection of confidential information and technology used in military and police buildings. Their use ensures that sensitive data is protected against unauthorised access.

Ultimately, visible security measures such as entry ports with double door entry systems and security drop arm barriers also act as a deterrent for potential attackers and criminals. They send a clear message and help to increase general security and deterrence. We offer structural high-security solutions specifically for military and police buildings.

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