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Your high security concept from a single source: from analysis and technical planning to production, worldwide assembly - our services are comprehensive from A to Z.

To take responsibility for your security, it is important to have central business functions in-house. We plan, control and monitor every step from the initial consultation to the handover of your construction project. For you, this means maximum transparency and reliable functions of your high-security elements in everyday life as well as in emergencies.

Technology and product development

Our engineers and technicians can draw on decades of experience in high security. We also have over 1000 test certificates, which provide us with evidence as a solid basis for every development. We therefore do not base our developments on others, but rather we strive to prove the efficacy of our units every time, which is why we are always continually testing.

As part of the Schüco Group, we are in a position to work with our Schüco colleagues to perfectly prepare products for subsequent use, even in mixed projects with both highly secure and non-secure units.


Using the expertise of our specialists, we can support your construction projects even during the early planning stage. We consider high security as a whole and secure your building against real threats. We know every standard as well as their loopholes – and help you to close them during planning.

Project planning and management

Our project managers ensure that your project requirements for security, functionality, aesthetics, timing and costs are met. They bridge the gap between you, our in-house experts and adjacent trades, guaranteeing a smooth process and finding individual solutions for your project-specific requirements.

Product tests

At our in-house, on-site ballistics test centre, we are able to test your units quickly and cost-effectively. Our actual system is certified, enabling us to provide official certifications with external inspectors right here. This saves valuable project time and, ultimately, costs too.


Maximum security requires maximum precision and quality. We ensure this in our steel and aluminium production areas with highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art fabrication machinery. The short routes between production, development and project management prove their worth every day, especially given the high level of customisation in each of our customer projects.


Thanks to their unique properties, SÄLZER products are highly sought-after worldwide. Secure transport and delivery at the right time are the key to your project running smoothly. We are aware of the particular challenges in terms of weight, loading and customs, and organise and coordinate transport from the factory to the building site, all over the world.


Our installers are aware of the challenges associated with the installation of highly secure units. A key factor here is the weight – a high-security door can weigh over 400 kilograms, while a conventional timber door weighs only 50 to 150 kilograms.

We supply building sites all over the world. Every single one of them is different and requires precise advance planning to ensure that each unit finds its place in the end, be it in a multistorey skyscraper or in a listed old building.

After-sales services

Easy everyday use is essential, especially with windows and doors. Our service team provides regular maintenance and repair work as required, so you don't need to worry about this.

Of course, all the completed work is documented in detail, so it can be traced at any time in the maintenance book.

Personal consultation

Every building project is unique and the perfect high-security solution depends on a number of different factors. Contact us now and we will work out your requirements together, so that you can have the perfect security system and protect what is yours and what is important.



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