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Protection systems to meet the highest requirements

We are the very best at high security.
SÄLZER | Part of Schüco

High security windows, doors and facades

Our product developments are focused on protecting people and property against forced entry, breakouts, bullets and explosions. These security systems are designed to offer maximum protection. Countless product tests and test certificates from independent institutes attest to the high level of protection provided by our systems up to the highest security classes RC6, FB7-NS or EXR5.
One special feature at SÄLZER is combined protection against various different threats in a single product. The solutions are geared towards your individual requirements and are based on extensive development work and product testing, as well as many years of experience.

People who need protection are in safe hands with our designs. This makes us proud and motivates us every day in our work.

Doreen Krob, Managing Director of SÄLZER


Complete security for over 50 years

50 +


SÄLZER has been creating security systems to meet the most exacting demands for over 50 years. Our basic principle remains to develop innovative security technology for customer-specific requirements and to test and certify this independently. The effectiveness of our products has already been proven in numerous real attacks.

10.000 +

security projects

Our projects include military and police buildings, critical infrastructure, embassies and ministries, as well as offices, industrial buildings and private homes. We have extensive experience in numerous areas with different security requirements – ranging from a single door system through to complete façade constructions.


90 +


From museums in the Netherlands and ministries in Norway through to banks in Singapore – we operate worldwide and offer both country-specific expertise and in-person consultations. Our logistics process ensures seamless transportation with customs clearance in almost all the countries we operate in.

1.000 +

test certificates

We are always investing in the testing and certification of our systems by internationally recognised institutes. With over 1000 certificates, we are paving the way in the industry. When it comes to protecting people and assets that may be under threat, there is no room for compromise.

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High security meets sophisticated design

By combining 50 years of experience in the area of high security from SÄLZER with the 70 years of experience of Schüco in the international systems business, along with visionary design, we have created a unique range of products to suit all requirements.

The protective functions of the products can be designed on an individual basis, with an attractive appearance. The security components are concealed inside the profiles. Our varied range of tested and certified product solutions offers a great deal of design freedom, while meeting sophisticated design requirements.

For all threat scenarios

Combined protection against Bullets ... Explosions ... Forced entry ... Fire ...

Our special expertise allows us to meet even conflicting requirements with certified combined solutions.

More about protection against bullets

Our special expertise allows us to meet even conflicting requirements with certified combined solutions.

More about protection against explosions

Our special expertise allows us to meet even conflicting requirements with certified combined solutions.

More about protection against forced entry

Our special expertise allows us to meet even conflicting requirements with certified combined solutions.

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We are by your side every step of the way. At SÄLZER, you get technical and product development, advice, project planning and management, product testing, production, logistics, installation and after-sales services all rolled into one.

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Solutions for ...

Architecture and planning offices

Whether you are integrating selected units into your planning or using a complete system, our portfolio combines design freedom with standardised interfaces.

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Metal fabricators

With SÄLZER, you can supplement your portfolio with fully certified high-security products.

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Public buildings

Particular threat scenarios need to be taken into account for special buildings such as embassies, ministries and educational facilities. We deliver specific concepts which fulfil the purpose of the building, meet the security requirements and suit the architecture in equal measure.

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Police and military buildings

Our tailored solutions give you peace of mind that your military or police facilities have maximum protection.

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Prisons and forensic clinics

SÄLZER security systems protect employees, patients, inmates and the building itself.

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Critical infrastructure

Protecting the basic functions of our everyday lives is a key component for a secure future.

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LNG and petrochemical industry

With SÄLZER systems, you can secure your plants against the worst-case scenario, ensuring minimum harm comes to people and machinery.

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Local authorities and NGOs

Be it a new, existing or listed building, with SÄLZER, your building provides the best protection for the people and property inside at all times.

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Financial sector and luxury goods

Maximum security for assets and the people who safeguard, manage and protect them

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Private individuals

From large windows and doors through to fully equipped panic rooms: Wherever you as a private client need increased property protection, together we will find a tailored complete solution that also includes your design requirements.

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Personal consultation

Every building project is unique and the perfect high-security solution depends on a number of different factors. Contact us now and we will work out your requirements together, so that you can have the perfect security system and protect what is yours and what is important.



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