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Use as a refuge in the event of accidents

Protection for employees

Protection for employees until the emergency services arrive

For specific use in refineries, chemical plants, munitions factories and other sensitive areas, SÄLZER has developed a modular guard house that fulfils the particular security requirements of the industry.

This special version offers extensive protection for the on-site staff until the emergency services arrive.

The certified security guard house offers individual design options. For example, it can be used as an office container or as a break room with kitchen and bathroom facilities. Cost-effective international transport thanks to container construction.



Security requirements
Forced Entry Resistance to RC4
Bullet Resistance to FB4-NS
Blast Resistance
More about the safety levels

Benefits at a glance

  • Modular construction and individual design.
  • Complete guard house is constructed to be resistant to explosions in line with individual requirements. Forced entry and bullet resistance can be integrated.
  • Flexible size, as the floor area can be enlarged to any size on site by attaching multiple modules.
  • Following prefabrication by SÄLZER, the guard house is installed and ready for use in just one to seven days after the foundations have been laid.
  • Individual design and interior fittings, e.g. with control room and bathroom, etc.
  • Can be used all over the world, as the heating, air conditioning and electrotechnology can be adapted to suit the country-specific requirements.
  • Available as a fixed or mobile guard house.
  • Full fabrication at SÄLZER ensures consistently high quality. 
  • Full cost control through turn-key complete delivery.

Devloped, tested and certified for the most extreme loads

Unlike the effects of explosions with TNT, for example, which produce a high pressure but for a relatively short period of time, the comparatively long-lasting pressure is typical of explosions or deflagrations caused by accidents in the petrochemical and chemical industry.

This is why product security requirements which have been determined by means of blast tests with TNT or comparable explosives cannot be transferred to products that are subjected to long-lasting shock waves. Actual protection in an emergency is only guaranteed if the units have been subjected to extreme loads during testing.

Together with an accredited test institute, SÄLZER has developed a special, patented test method, through which the long-lasting pressure caused by an accident is simulated in a realistic way with a mixture of air and gas. Certificates from numerous tests prove the resistance of the products.

Test video: Pressure test as per requirements of the petrochemical industry
Test on a single-leaf steel door with long-lasting pressure > 0.9 s | Reflective pressure 0.25 bar | Reflective impulse 101 bar ms. The tested and certified door is used as an external door in the guard house. Higher requirements can be met on request.

Security according international standards & individual requirements

Refuge in the event of accidents

Blast resistance
Blast resistance
Various long-lasting pressure tests e.g. with a peak pressure of 134kPa (1.34bar) and a positive pressure duration of 2 sec. Various tests in the shock tube with reflected pressure up to 200 kPa (up to 2.0 bar). Tested in accordance with DIN EN 13123-2|13124-2 up to EXR3 and according to customer-specific requirements with various explosive charges (including 100 kg + 500 kg explosives), reflected pressure up to 880 kPa (8.8 bar), glazing according with SÄLZER design. Classification GSA2 (Protection Level "Very High"), ISO B (Hazard Rating "No Hazard").
Forced entry resistance
Forced entry resistance
Frame and special glazing tested as a complete unit in various designs in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630 up to RC5 (fixed pane RC6). A note about the glazing: In the high resistance classes RC5 and RC6, the P7B and P8B glazing tested in line with DIN EN 356 must be replaced with glazing of higher quality, as it is only tested with blows with an axe. This glazing cannot withstand attacks with the electrical tools used in these high burglar resistance classes.
Bullet resistance
Bullet resistance
In accordance with DIN EN 1522-1523 up to FB7-NS, glazing in accordance with DIN EN 1063 up to BR7-NS.

Higher security requirements can also be met at the customer's request. We would be happy to help put together your security concept in a personal consultation.

Cost-effective international transport thanks to container construction

For easy and cost-effective transport worldwide by container, SÄLZER offers the guard houses in the standard sizes of 10, 20 and 40 feet. There are no limits on the size of a finished guard house – only the permissible road transport width can restrict this.

The floor area of each guard house can be individually enlarged on site by attaching multiple modules.

Areas of application

The SÄLZER experts fabricate the complete guard house modules at the production site in Marburg.

Packaging and loading
The guard house is then packaged in the production hall and loaded onto the lorries with ease, thanks to the container construction.

SÄLZER arranges all transport by HGV, sea or air freight, including customs clearance.

Flexible use
Suitable for temporary use as a mobile guard house.


Personal consultation

Every building project is unique and the perfect high-security solution depends on a number of different factors. Contact us now and we will work out your requirements together, so that you can have the perfect security system and protect what is yours and what is important.



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