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Aluminium windows series S2es-w

Security windows in aluminium featuring highest protection against forced entry up to RC 5 (fixed window tested up to RC 6) and bullet resistance (up to FB7-NS).

Maximum protection against forced entry, bullets and explosions

The high-security aluminium door in the S2es-w series provides combined protection against break-ins, bullets and explosions up to the highest classes. The system has withstood break-in attempts at accredited test institutes using powerful electrical tools (such as jigsaws and large angle grinders) up to the highest class RC6. The high-security window also offers protection against shots with long firearms and armour-piercing ammunition up to the highest class  FB7-NS as well as against bomb attacks (e.g. 500 kg of explosives | distance of 24 m). There are also certifications in classes EXR3 (12 kg of explosives | distance of 5.5 m) and EPR4.

The windows provide protection against the effects of accidents too, for example in the petrochemical industry, with long-lasting shock waves.

The highly thermally insulated block window system has been tested as a complete unit including the glazing and wall attachment.


Security requirements
Forced Entry Resistance to RC5
Bullet Resistance to FB7-NS
Blast Resistance
More about the safety levels

Security according international standards & individual requirements

Aluminium window S2es-w series

Forced entry resistance
Forced entry resistance
Frame and special glazing tested as a complete unit in various designs in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630 up to RC5 (fixed pane RC6). A note about the glazing: In the high resistance classes RC5 and RC6, the P7B and P8B glazing tested in line with DIN EN 356 must be replaced with glazing of higher quality, as it is only tested with blows with an axe. This glazing cannot withstand attacks with the electrical tools used in these high burglar resistance classes.
Bullet resistance
Bullet resistance
In accordance with DIN EN 1522-1523 up to FB7-NS, glazing in accordance with DIN EN 1063 up to BR7-NS.
Blast resistance
Blast resistance
In accordance with DIN EN 13123-2 and DIN EN 13124-2 up to EXR3 (12 kg|5,5 m). Tested in accordance with customer-specific requirements, e.g. with 500 kg of explosives in 24 m. With the use of DIN EN 13123-1 and 13124-1 up to EPR4. Sector specific tests e.g. for the petrochemical industry Various shock tube tests with reflected with a peak pressure of 134 kPa (1.34bar) and a positive pressure duration of 2 sec. Glazing as per SÄLZER design. Classified: GSA 2 ("Very High" protection level), ISO B ("No Hazard" hazard rating).

Higher security requirements can also be met at the customer's request. We would be happy to help put together your security concept in a personal consultation.

Types | installation depth | glazing | surface


The windows are combinable with all  SÄLZER products.

Profile depth, glazing, surface

Frame: 135 mm (Window frame, mullion, transom).
Window sash: 122,5 mm.
Glass thickness: up to 97 mm (fixed window), up to 102 mm (openable window sash).


Large windows are tested e.g. single window forced entry resistant in level RC5, frame measurement 3.090 x 3.090 mm (the maximum sash weight has to be considered).


Anodised or powder coated, over clad with timber, stainless steel, stone, bronze and other options.

Resistance against wind load

Depending on the type up to level C5 (test pressure: 2.000 Pa)

Water tightness

Depending on the type up to level E 1050 (test pressure: 1.050 Pa)

Air permeability

Depending on the type up to level 4 (test pressure: 600 Pa)

Impact resistance

Depending on the type up to level 5 (drop height: 950 mm)

Thermal insulation

Depending on the type of window:
UW = 1.4 - 1.7 W/m²K (double glazing).
UW = 0.8 - 1.5 W/m²K (triple glazing).

Sound insulation

Depending on the type up to RW 45 dB

Life cycle test

Level 3: 20.000 cycles with 350 kg sash weight.

Further technical properties

Hardware | weights | locking | devicesHardware for heavy sash weights: turn hardware up to 350 kg sash weight, tilt hardware and tilt-turn hardware up to 200 kg sash weight. Optional with the patent security locking device SAELOX®.

Profile widths

Despite the high security components, the profiles are very small.
Glazing beadDue to the stable design, there is no visible screwing of the glazing bead required and no glueing of the glazing is necessary, this offer a natural glazing rebate ventilation and water circuit.
InstallationInstallation in several building materials and into the facade series S1es permitted. Bullet resistance: a bullet resistant wall connection is tested and recommended.

Areas of application

Reliable and robust enough for industrial use.

The security window can be installed in a range of different wall materials.

Individual design with an integrated transfer tray that provides the same level of resistance as the window.

Personal consultation

Every building project is unique and the perfect high-security solution depends on a number of different factors. Contact us now and we will work out your requirements together, so that you can have the perfect security system and protect what is yours and what is important.



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