Certified Security

Security doors in aluminium offering high forced entry resistance (up to RC4), bullet resistance (up to FB7-NS) and blast resistance (tested with up to 500kg of explosives). Elegant long-life, low-maintenance construction with numerous individual design variants.

Many threat scenarios require simultaneous protection against forced entry, ballistic and blast attacks. Exactly for these combined security requirements SAELZER high-security doors series S2es offers the optimal protection.

Safety classes:

* see also aluminium doors serie S6es

  • Security door series S2es:

    Security door series S2es:

    highest security against forced entry, ballistic and blast attacks.

  • Individual design.

    Individual design.

  • Application: police station.

    Application: police station.

» Technical data

Security doors aluminium series S2es
Types | installation depth | glazing
F01 FF 1F geschnittenF02 FE 1F DK geschnittenF03 FE 1F D geschnittenF04 FE 1F K geschnittenF05 FE 2F DK DK geschnittenF06 FE 2F DK D geschnittenF07 FE 5F FF K OL FF DK OL D geschnitten
The doors are combinable with all products within the SYSTEM SAELZER.
profilbautiefe verglasung
Profile depth | glazing
Frame: 135 mm | glass thickness up to 97 mm.
hoehe und breite
Large doors are tested e.g. single door forced entry resistant in level RC4, frame measurement 1.700 x
3.000 mm. Recommended door size up to 1.250 x 2.500 mm (size depends on the door leaf weight and on the place of installation, bi-metal effect).
Anodised or powder coated, over clad with timber, stainless steel, stone, bronze and other options.
Security according international standards & individual requirements
Forced entry resistance*
According to DIN EN 1627-1630 resp. glazing according to DIN 356
up to RC4 resp. glazing up to P8B
Bullet resistance*

According to DIN EN 1522-1523 resp. glazing according to DIN EN 1063
up to FB7-NS resp. glazing up to BR7-NS.

Blast resistance*
According to DIN EN 13123 up to EXR2 and according to customised requirements, various open range tests with different explosive charges (such as 100 kg or 500 kg charge), reflected pressure up to 790 kPa (7,9 bar), glazing composition according SALZER requirements, GSA2.
Performance according to DIN EN 14351
Forced entry resistance
Depending on the type up to level C5 (test pressure: 2.000 Pa)

Water tightness

Depending on the type up to level E 750 (test pressure: 750 Pa)
Air permeability
Depending on the type up to level 4 (test pressure: 600 Pa)
Impact resistance
Depending on the type up to level 5 (drop height: 950 mm)
Thermal insulation
Depending on the type up to UW 1,5 W/m²K
Sound insulation
Depending on the type up to RW 47 dB
Life cycle test
200.000 open and closing cycles with 400 kg weight of the leaf.
500.000 open and closing cycles with 350 kg weight of the leaf.
Furner technical properties
Locks | fittings All locks which are approved in the tested security class of the door. Mechanical, electro-mechanical or motorized locks, single or multiple locking. Doors for emergency exits tested according to DIN 179 and DIN 1125 (panic bar) up to RC4. Applicable as interlocking door with special control system possible. All tested and certified fittings can be in-stalled in the respective security level.

Hardware | weight

Hinges for heavy weights. Easy operating despite heavy wing weights. Hinges bear wing weights up to 400 kg, up to 600 kg with floor pivot.
Threshold | floor gasket Threshold or adjustable floor gasket. Barrier free entrances and exits are possible.
Profile width
Despite high security properties small profile width.
Glazing bead Due to the stable design, no visible screwing of the glazing bead is required and no glueing of the glazing is necessary, this offer a natural glazing rebate ventilation and water circuit.
Installation Installation in several building materials and in the facade series S1 is permitted. Bullet resistance: a bullet resistant wall connection is tested and recommended.

*other or higher requirements upon request

» Download brochure: Aluminium doors series S2es pdf