Security without grills

Aluminum security window especially developed for the demands of the police, prisons and forensic clinics. Security windows offering both-way protection against forced entry and breakout attempts from inside.

Security classes:


Tested from both sides

METAS® windows are tested on both sides in accordance with the European standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630):

  1. Fixed glazing:
    - inside and outside, up to resistance level RC4
  2. Operable window elements:
    - from inside, up to resistance level RC3
    - from outside, up to resistance level RC4

No risk for suicide attempts and vandalism

The window has no exposed edges inside. All fittings as well as the glazing bead and gasket are covered. Sash profiles and glazing beads are particularly massive, rounded and flush. The gap between frame and wing is covered so that no wire can be inserted to commit suicide.


In detention facilities, courthouses, forensic hospitals and police stations.


  • Cell window series METAS:

    Cell window series METAS:

    breakout resistant and suicide preventive window.

  • Cell window with grille.

    Cell window with grille.

  • Cell window:

    Cell window:

    inside view of the cell, flush window sash and profile, no gaps between window sash and frame, concealed hardware.

  • Cell window for a forensic hospital:

    Cell window for a forensic hospital:

    fixed window, with outside opening tilt window sash, with perforated sheet inside.


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