Security without grills

Aluminum security window especially developed for the demands of the police, prisons and forensic clinics. Security windows offering both-way protection against forced entry and breakout attempts from inside.

Safety classes:


Tested from both sides

METAS® windows are tested on both sides in accordance with the European standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630):

  1. Fixed glazing:
    - inside and outside, up to resistance level RC4
  2. Operable window elements:
    - from inside, up to resistance level RC3
    - from outside, up to resistance level RC4

No risk for suicide attempts and vandalism

The window has no exposed edges inside. All fittings as well as the glazing bead and gasket are covered. Sash profiles and glazing beads are particularly massive, rounded and flush. The gap between frame and wing is covered so that no wire can be inserted to commit suicide.


In detention facilities, courthouses, forensic hospitals and police stations.


  • Cell window series METAS:

    Cell window series METAS:

    breakout resistant and suicide preventive window.

  • Cell window with grille.

    Cell window with grille.

  • Cell window:

    Cell window:

    inside view of the cell, flush window sash and profile, no gaps between window sash and frame, concealed hardware.

  • Cell window for a forensic hospital:

    Cell window for a forensic hospital:

    fixed window, with outside opening tilt window sash, with perforated sheet inside.


» Technical data

Cell windows series METAS®
Types | installation depth | glazing
F01 FF 1F geschnittenF03 FE 1F D geschnittenF04 FE 1F K geschnittenF08 FE auswärts 1F klapp geschnittenF09 FE auswärts 1F D geschnittenF10 FE auswärts 2F D einwärts D auswärts
profilbautiefe verglasung
Profile depth | glazing
Frame: 115 mm | wing: 115 mm
hoehe und breite
Large windows are tested e.g. single window forced entry resistant in level RC4, frame measurement 1.500 x 3.000 mm (the maximum sash weight has to be considered).
Anodised or powder coated, over clad with timber, stainless steel, stone, bronze and other options.
Security according international standards & individual requirements
einbruch ausbruch
Forced entry resistance*
Break out resistance*
AAccording to DIN EN 1627-1630 resp. glazing according to DIN EN 356
• Fixed glazing up to RC4 inside and outside
• Operable window up to RC3 inside and up to RC4 outside
Bullet resistance*

According to DIN EN 1522-1523 resp. glazing according to DIN EN 1063 up to FB4-NS resp. glazing up to BR4-NS

Blast resistance*
Upon request
Performance according to DIN EN 14351
Resistance against wind load
Depending on the type up to level C5 (test pressure: 2.000 Pa)

Water tightness

Depending on the type up to level E 900 (test pressure: 900 Pa)
Air permeability
Depending on the type up to level 4 (test pressure: 600 Pa)
Impact resistance
Depending on the type up to level 5 (drop height: 950 mm)
Thermal insulation
Depending on the type up to UW 0,8 W/m²K
Sound insulation
Depending on the type up to RW 45 dB

Life cycle test

Class 2 | 10.000 cycles
Further technical properties
beschlaege gewichte
The hardware is installed concealed. No window handle is installed to prevent suicide and vandalism.

Profile widths

Despite the high security components, the profiles are very small.
Glazing beads Window sash and glazing beads are rounded and flush and offer therefore no risk of injury. The glazing bead can’t be removed and the glazing gasket can’t be pulled out by the inmates.
Installation Installation in several building materials permitted. Bullet resistance: a bullet resistant wall connection is tested and recommended.

*higher requirements upon request

» Download brochure: Cell windows series METAS® pdf