Multiple tests against various threats

Security windows in steel tube frame construction for elegant, slim elements with expansive glazing. Multiple functional combinations of forced entry/outbreak resistance (up to RC4), bullet resistance (up to FB4-NS) as well as fire and smoke protection.

To comply with all customer requirements concerning security and design the SECUFIRE® series is available in four different types:

SECUFIRE® S (profile depth 70 mm/max. glass thickness 57 mm)
SECUFIRE® U (profile depth 83 mm/ max. glass thickness 70 mm)
SECUFIRE® F (profile depth 75 mm/ max. glass thickness 62 mm)
SECUFIRE® P (profile depth 65 mm / max. glass thickness 52 mm)

Safety classes:

  • Security window series SECUFIRE:

    Security window series SECUFIRE:

    Forced entry, bullet and fire resistant transaction window with exchange drawer.

  • Individual design:

    Individual design:

    height 6,921 mm incl round arch, clad with bronze, combined protection.

  • Application: commercial property.

    Application: commercial property.

  • Police headquarters:

    Police headquarters:

    combined protection against forced entry, fire and ballistic attacks.

» Technical data

Security window series SECUFIRE®
Types | installation depth | glazing
F01 FF 1F geschnittenF11 FF Schalter 1F geschnitten
Im SYSTEM SAELZER mit allen Türelementen kombinierbar, zum Einbau in die SAELZER Pfosten-Riegel-Fassadenkonstruktion vorgerichtet.
profilbautiefe verglasung
Profile depth | glazing
 Profile depth and glass thickness depends on the selected model range.
hoehe und breite
Großflächige Fenster geprüft, z.B. bis RC4
Primed, painted or powder coated, customised colour design, over clad with timber, stainless steel, stone, bronze and other options.
Security according international standards & individual requirements
Forced entry resistance*
According to DIN EN 1627-1630 resp. glazing according to DIN EN 356 up to RC5 resp. glazing up to P8B.
Bullet resistance*

According to DIN EN 1522-1523 resp. glazing according to DIN EN 1063 up to FB4-NS resp. glazing up to BR4-NS.

Blast resistance*
According to customised requirements, tested in various open range tests with different explosive charges, reflected pressure up to 272,2 kPa (2,722 bar), glazing composition according SALZER requirements, GSA2.
Classified according to DIN 4102 up to F90** resp. DIN EN 13501-2 up to EI 90**
Classified according to DIN 18095 in RS-12 resp. DIN EN 13501-2 up to S2002.
Performance according to DIN EN 14351
Resistance against wind load
Depending on the type up to level C3 (test pressure: 1.200 Pa)

Water tightness

Depending on the type up to level E 900 (test pressure: 900 Pa)
Air permeability
Depending on the type up to level 4 (test pressure: 600 Pa)
Impact resistance
Depending on the type up to level 1 (drop height: 200 mm)
Thermal insulation
Depending on the type up to UW 0,9 W/m²K
Sound insulation
Depending on the type up to RW 47 dB
Further technical properties

Profile widths

Despite the high security components, the profiles are very small.
Glazing beads Keine sichtbare Verschraubung der Glashalteleisten und keine Verklebung der Verglasung erforderlich. Dies ermöglicht eine natürlich Glasfalzbelüftung und Wasserführung.
Installation Installation in several building materials permitted. Bullet resistance: a bullet resistant wall connection is tested and recommended.

**higher requirements upon request.  **individual approval on the base of the positive test reports.