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Prison and detention cell door series S4Z

Steel security door for use in police stations, courts, prisons, forensic clinics and other detention cells.

Doors for holding cells, detention cells and prison cells

The SÄLZER door in the S4-Z series is a special product development for use in police stations, courts, prisons, forensic clinics, military facilities and other buildings that require detention cells.

Tested and certified in accordance with the European standard and guidelines for prison and detention cell doors, it features a robust design and offers no opportunities for suicide attempts.

Security requirements
Forced Entry Resistance to RC4
Break-out Resistance to RC4
Fire to EI90

The door is extremely resistant to torsional loads due to the double-walled steel construction. The door leaf thickness up to 72 mm ensures a maximum protection against vandalism and break out attempts. The door leaf consists of an inner reinforced frame made of flat steel profiles and is clad at both door sides with steel sheets. The door has no exposed edges inside therefore there is no risk of injury or for suicide attempts.

For break out resistant products no standard exist. Therefore SÄLZER tested the doors of the S4-Z series in accordance with the standard for forced entry resistance, DIN EN 1627-1630, to ensure proven security. The door was tested from both sides in the resistance level RC 4:

  • From the exterior side (corridor side, against forced entry respectively realese attempts) and additionally
  • From the interior side (cell side, against break out attempts).

Tested according to the guidelines for cell doors of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The test results in detail:

  • At an edge load of 2 t - the deflection was < 3 mm  and
  • At a static load of 2.5 t - the deflection was < 6.5 mm and
  • At a torsion load of 2.0 t - the deflection was < 4 mm:  1.3 t load / deflection <80 mm).
  • Similarly, the door must be operable with a key from the corridor without further technical aids after 15 min. fire exposure inside the cell.

Supplementary equipment

Food hatch

Robust steel construction that is flush fitted on the cell side. Two reinforced hinges also function as limiting stays. Food hatch lock available as an option.

Door viewer (standard)

Angle of vision up to 200°.

Tamper and vandalism-proof door viewer

Brief description:

  • Angle of vision up to 150°.
  • No screws installed on the cell side (tamper-proof).
  • Operation on the corridor side by authorised personnel.

Benefits: 3 settings

  • Blind setting (closed), inmates cannot tamper with the device from the cell side.
  • Observation setting, noiseless opening from the corridor side, view of the entire room.
  • Open setting, e.g. for passing through medicine and for cleaning if the viewer is dirty.

Security chain

Solid, robust security chain developed for extreme everyday use in prisons or by the police. The mounting plate is attached to the frame trim and the locking rail is mounted on the door leaf. The chain can also be hung on both sides if required.

Inspection window

The armoured glass pane in accordance with DIN EN 356 can be integrated into the door leaf in different shapes and sizes up to the highest resistance class. An optional safety screen can be attached on the corridor side.


Video technology and lighting systems, for example, can be installed in the fanlight. It is secured on the cell side with flush-fitted armoured glass in accordance with DIN EN 356.

Quick-release mechanism by means of sliding bolt or handle

  • Quick-release function by means of sliding bolt: two solid sliding bolts made from steel flat secure the door as quickly as possible.
  • Quick-release function by means of handle: easy, fast and reliable locking by means of lever bolt.

Vandalism-proof door status display

Personal consultation

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