Modular security

SAELZER security guardhouse (CAC) in modular system construction for reliable forced entry, bullet and/or blast resistance. Tested and approved according to international security standards. Worldwide ready-to-install delivery of complete guardhouse unit including all specifically ordered functional elements.

  • Modular design and flexible interior furnishing.
  • Number of modules variable.
  • The guard house is complete installed at the SAELZER factory and can be inspected by the customer before delivery.
  • Installed and ready to use within 1 to 7 days after foundation preparation.
  • The levels of security against forced entry, bullets and explosion are freely selectable.
  • The torsion resistant construction allows the delivery as complete element.
  • Available as a fixed or mobile unit.

The architects and designers have unlimited possibilities: doors, windows, roofs and facades, their configuration can be freely chosen. In addition to guard and visitor areas, a sanitary fitting and/or a kitchen can be included.


Safety classes:


  • Security level of the complete guardhouse: 15 FE/BR.

    Security level of the complete guardhouse: 15 FE/BR.

  • Guardhouse clad with stone.

    Guardhouse clad with stone.

  • Guardhouse for the US-American embassy Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Guardhouse for the US-American embassy Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Blast resistant guardhouse for the petrochemical industry.

    Blast resistant guardhouse for the petrochemical industry.


» Technical data

Security 1StandardLevel
Forced entry resistance
According DIN EN 1627-1630 Up to RC5 (WK5)
DBullet resistance
According to DIN EN 1522-1523,
according to UL 752
Up to FB7- NS
Level 8
Explosion resistance
Tested according to customized requirements e.g. resistance against explosion pressure of 880 kPa.
Additional certifications US-Dep. of State certification
The complete guard house is certified according to the standard of the US-Dep. of State, SD-STD-01.01 Rev G, available in 5 FE and 15 FE/BR.
  Nato STANAG 2280 Certification
Tested with mortar grenades and artillery shells according to the standard of the Nato STANAG 280, certified in the security levels C4 and C5 and guardhouse is suitable for use in areas of conflict.

1 other or higher security requirements on request

Other characteristics
Design The design of the outer facade is based on customer's specifications. Surface finishes: galvanized and primed, painted according to RAL, over glad according to customer requirements e.g. with stainless steel, timber or stone.
Belastbarkeit Türen im Dauerfunktionstest gemäß dem US-National Standard for Butts and Hinges mit 2.500.000 Zyklen getestet.
Interior Examples: partitions, interior doors, teller windows, acoustic ceiling, ceiling slats, fabric wallpaper, different furniture, detections system, various floor coverings such as floor tiles, carpet, etc.
Kitchen- and sanitary equipment Examples: kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, etc. sanitary equipment with toilet, wash hand basin, hot water supply etc.
Further rooms Bedroom or storage room etc.
Electronics Adapted to the country specific mains supply.
Roof construction Flat, saddle or hipped roofs, cantilever roof in different length. Additional roof types upon request.
Heating/air conditioning Different types available
Foundation On request
Further service Transport and installation

» Download brochure: Guard house pdf