Series S4 – just safe is not enough

The high-performance system within the SÄLZER security door range. For highest security classes in forced entry resistance (up to RC 6), bullet resistance (up to FB7-NS), blast resistance (pressures up to 27,3 bar/500kg of explosives) plus optional fire and smoke protection up to ratings T90/EI90/S200. Nearly unlimited design variants. Multi-functionality without compromising design, elegance and comfort features.


Security classes:

The steel door won the German Design Award 2018. The steel door offers individual design options despite the high security properties. The German Design Award directly contributes to the overall commercial success. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape.


  • Blast resistant steel door:

    Blast resistant steel door:

    tested with long pressure duration of 1.000 ms, level GSA2. Application: pumped storage hydro power plant.

  • Security steel door series S4 clad with timber.

    Security steel door series S4 clad with timber.

  • Double door with glazing.

    Double door with glazing.

  • Forced entry resistant steel double door:

    Forced entry resistant steel double door:

    clad with a mullion-transom facade. Size: 3,940 x 5,260mm.


The following test video shows the forced entry test of the steel door, level RC 5/RC 6 at an accredited test institute.


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